Waffle Cabin® became, overnight, the customer favorite for a fresh warm waffle!


From past experience - your colleague franchisees...

Most of our franchisees are people who have become a franchisee out of love for the product.  The common thread to our current franchisees is the desire to be part of a brand that is successful, has a great product, highly values providing great customer service and they recognize the value of a proven and simple system. 

Family values, success driven, and team oriented typifies our group of franchisees and you can be a part of that.  We also understand that while all the previous is great, there still also needs to be Return On Investment (ROI), profitability, etc... 


Waffle Cabin's Way To Profitability

It starts with a very simple process that is easy to follow and that results in a very high-quality product that customers love.  To ensure success and profitability Waffle Cabin® provides comprehensive training that is bolstered by ongoing support continuous communication and a franchisor philosophy that believes that their success comes with making you - the franchisee - successful.

We help you grow to help us grow which helps you to grow. Full circle success.

Meet The Waffle Cabin Team

From Left to Right...

CHRISTEL BRISON : Christel is our Administrative Manager; all things paperwork related, accounts receivables & payables, but also ordering, inventory, payroll and invoicing.

GEORGE STODDARD (M): VP of Franchise & Business Development. Responsible for franchise sales and compliance, marketing. Also assists in site selection.

UPDATE AUG 1, 2022: George retired on August 1, 2020 and his efforts are being followed through by Jason Palmer.

PETER CREYF(R): Founder and creator of the Waffle Cabin® proprietary recipe and systems. Responsible for training, product development, site selection, strategic growth planning and CEO of day-to-day management of the franchise. Over 20 years of guiding the successful growth of the company.

Jason Palmer (not on picture) : Jason has many years under his belt as F&B director at several northeast resorts, such as Burke Mountain VT, Mount Snow VT, Okemo VT and Bolton VT.  Jason joined us July 1st, 2022 as George took off to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.  Jason has the advantage of having been in the role of F&B director and thus prospective F&B directors will find the conversation with Jason to be very natural.



Waffle Cabin Celebrity Sighting!

February 18, 2020

Ray Bourque & Joe Andruzzi recently stopped by our cabin at Boston Seapor!



Waffle Cabins draws visitors and celebrity athletes to new Boston Seaport skating rink.

FEBRUARY 21, 2020


"I have been a Waffle Cabin Franchisee for over 6 years now and I have to say that "above and beyond" isn't enough to describe the support you receive from this franchise. George, Peter and all those at Waffle Cabin are invaluable assets with tons of experience you can learn from. They truly care about your business success and most importantly you as a person. They are there to help every step of the way and have saved me from making many costly mistakes and assisted me in everything from logistical challenges to zoning issues to potential growth opportunities to heated lease negotiations. It is not always easy dealing with ski resorts and high traffic location landlords that are often part of your business, but they are always there for support It has been a blessing to have a team that is this competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy to support me in this venture."

— Dennis Clark, Waffle Cabin Mountain Creek

"Had someone told us, as we devoured Waffle Cabin waffles at Okemo in February, that we'd be operating our own locations in Colorado by the following ski season, I think we would have been surprised and incredulous. Yet that is exactly what happened, in part due to luck and mostly due to George and Peter's willingness to find the ideal arrangement for us and do everything possible to help us succeed Though we happened upon a great deal at a good time, I know we would have received the same consistent support and loyalty from Peter and George had we taken years to find a suitable franchising arrangement. They demonstrate contagious passion for the product, the brand, and the business which we hope shines through via ourselves and our locations. Our experience as Waffle Cabin franchisees has been very pleasant so far, and we are looking forward to many future years of the same experience."

— Jon & Spencer Chu

"Waffle Cabin is a life changing experience! The potential Franchisee should be prepared to see the smiles and joy that this product brings. The folks at Waffle Cabin Franchise are so easy to work with. Their support is fantastic!"

— Jennifer Shannon & Gordon McHugh

"We went to a family party 4 years ago, who hired Waffle Cabin. I got on line and tried this delicious waffle, and I was hooked. A month later We decided to open a franchise. We loved the idea that it was a small franchise, and everyone was like family. Working side by side until we found our perfect spot , and every one at waffle cabin support each other , and are there for us when ever we have questions."

— Karen & Tom Cooney

"We are new franchisees as of Summer of 2019. The support and training provided by Peteris amazing. His passion for the business and the product is clear. He came to a 3 day event that we had set up and trained us throughout the event. This hands on approach to getting a new franchisee up and running is incredible. It gave us the confidence we needed to handle a busy festival! George S had also given us great advice on products to sell and how to promote our products and business.

There is a huge growth potential for this business and the waffles sell themselves. Once people taste the product created by the Waffle Cabin, the customers keep coming back over and over again. Thank you Peter and George on getting our new franchise off and running!"

— Josh & Jen Gardner


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