You don’t know you need it until you have it!"

Don’t Imitate.


From its humble beginnings as a food cart operating at Faneuil Hall in Boston where owners Peter Creyf and Ingrid Heyrman introduced Liège-style Belgian Sugar Waffles the concept soon took the mountains and ski resorts of the Northeast by storm – started as Waffle Haus and later changed the name to Waffle Cabin®.

Waffle Cabin® became almost overnight the customer favorite for a fresh warm waffle, either “original” (no topping or maple syrup needed, which was crazy since it started mainly in Vermont) or else with a semi-sweet dark Belgian chocolate. [Note: Peter will ALWAYS suggest you first try the waffle “original” as its delicate taste will blow you away.] Customers were asking for these year-round and Waffle Cabin® started packaging these and selling the waffles online.

As that demand grew, and fueled by a franchisee who started this in a new market very successfully, the year-round demand grew even more. Waffle Cabin® is now giving the expansion beyond the resorts to new markets more focus as well, i.e. brick & mortar locations in city neighborhoods, oceanfront resort towns, shopping malls, college campuses, transportation centers, adventure parks and concession operations, etc.

Festivals and private events have been growing ever since we started as well. Using the original product as a foundation Waffle Cabin® has started to increase its menu offerings by including new toppings on the waffles to meet the requests of new and repeat customers and to appeal to the new year-round operations.


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